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Thermal Reflective Insulation
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Polyon's PolynumTM  thermal reflective insulation for the construction and livestock shelter applications is sold in more than 30 countries worldwide and is available in ranges varying from metallized polyester to pure aluminum foil with or without bubbles.

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Polynum Thermal Reflective Insulation meets all your insulation needs:



For more than 25 years, PolynumTM products are fiber-free and manufactured of pure aluminum foil bonded to polyethylene bubble sheeting. PolynumTM's unique design replaces all mineral and glass-based insulation materials, reflecting 97 percent of radiated heat and saving heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer. The easy-to-install and maintenance-free PolynumTM product line comprises PolynumTM One, PolynumTM Super, Polynum Big, Polynum Double, Polynum Multi (Pat Pend), Concrete Barrier, Anti-Impact, Polynum Premium, Polynum Advance, Polynum Ultra® and Polynum Sound®.


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